Application for Membership and Credentials

Application Fee is $30.00

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Ministerial credentials offered as stated in the WHMN Handbook (please consult Handbook for further details before applying):

Christian Worker License – Those persons who have been approved as having met the qualifications in Section III, paragraph A of WHMN Handbook. This license is jointly issued through the applicant’s local church.

Licensing – Those persons who have been approved as having met the qualifications in Section III, paragraph B of WHMN Handbook.

Ordination – Those persons who have been approved as having met the qualifications in Section III, paragraph C of WHMN Handbook and who have been licensed with LeSEA for at least one year.

Licensing and Ordination are granted through LeSEA. In order for credentials to be transferred from another organization, they must be approved by the LeSEA Advisory Board.

Membership in World Harvest Ministers Network is available for those ministers who wish to solely retain a license or ordination credentials through another ministerial association, but desire the fellowship, vision, resources, and benefits afforded through LeSEA.

Application Instructions

1. You can apply three ways: type directly into the pdf (download above) and email the completed form to, complete a hardcopy of the form, and mail it to the WHMN offices, or fill in the form below and submit.

2. Answer each question listed on the application form in full.

3. Submit a recent photo (the photo should be a clear image of your face).

4. Reference providers must complete and send the reference forms to the WHMN offices. (Please download the forms above and give them to your reference providers).

5. We will inform you by phone or email whether or not your application has been approved, usually within 30 days from the reception of the application and reference forms.

6. If the application is approved, your certificate and membership card will be generated and sent to you upon payment of the $80.00 membership fee. (After you have been notified of the decision, you can pay by sending a check to our offices, call with your credit card information, or pay online).

7. You will now receive the full (and growing) benefits of being a member of the World Harvest Ministers Network.

Personal Information

Church/Ministry Information

Confidential Membership References

(Individuals who have known you for at least one year and will be sending references to WHMN)

Your Pastor (or licensed minister if you do not have a pastor)

WHMN Member (If you do not know one, we will contact you):

Business person, friend, or relative:

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I hereby submit myself to LeSEA, Inc. and World Harvest Ministers Network for spiritual support and guidance, personal counseling, accountability, and discipline. I declare all of the above questions which I have answered to be true to the best of my knowledge.